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"Cody Vaughan Electric is my go to electrical contractor. They are  professional, efficient, neat, and timely. They respond to our needs better than any other electrical company out there, all the while assisting us to keep an eye on value. From our very first meeting, I challenged them to become a partner - not just a contractor, and they consistently meet or exceeded my expectations".

             "Cody Vaughan Electric is a valued partner with our organization- dependable, professional, and honest".

"The Cody Vaughan Electric team was an integral part of the success we had at our last large project. Very responsive, proactive, professional group. I look forward to working with them again in the future".

"In my 20 years, I have used many companies at our main building in Fort Worth and  auxiliary locations in Fort Worth and San Antonio. From large corporate companies to small, family-owned businesses- I have seen them all. I can say without hesitation that Cody Vaughan Electric is a tier-one business. Their  attention to detail, expert knowledge, fair and honest pricing, and timely service are there when you need them most. There have been many times when I needed something done quickly and they  were  there to help".

"Being a GC, the subcontractors can make or break a project for you. The Vaughan family  team is what I look for in a subcontractor. The prompt service, quality work, and honesty Cody Vaughan Electric brings to every project is why I use them".

"Over the past several years, Cody Vaughan Electric has earned the right to be a top competing commercial contractor at our University. With a highly active campus of nearly 3,000 students, staff, and faculty, safety and integrity are paramount in the contractor selection process. Cody Vaughan Electric has conducted all projects to date with the upmost professionalism along with a collaborative approach to each project that they have managed".

"I needed power added to a building that I had built for a property I own. I hired Cody Vaughan Electric to do the work. They were on time, completed the job ahead of schedule, and came in under budget. Incredible company, very professional. Any electrical work that I need completed in the future, I will only hire Cody Vaughan Electric".

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